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WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE 13% on your petrol bill?

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Location : BRISBANE-QLD-4000 (Australia Wide)

Price : $30.00


WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE 13% on your petrol bill?


You can, just purchase Pro-Ma Pt5 which treats 625 litres of petrol for only $30.

To Order CLICK HERE Website: -

Pro-Ma Performance Products Petrol Treatment with Ethanol Defence PT5 500mL $30.00 treats 625 litres of petrol.


20ml treats 25 litres of petrol. When you purchase fuel: e.g. 25 litres of fuel @ $1.40 a litre equals $35.00 minus the 13% saving of ($4.55) your petrol purchase would be $30.45. All for the cost of $30.


Australian government validated tests revealed that when PT5 Plus was added to the fuel in a test engine there was a 9% increase in horsepower, a 13% improvement in thermal efficiency and a 13% improvement in fuel economy.


Formulated for use in all petrol engines, leaded, unleaded, carburetted, fuel injected and turbo-charged; 2 stroke or 4 stroke, engines.


PT5 is a powerful, technologically advanced additive that will assist with easier starting, reduce unwarranted maintenance, reduce exhaust emissions and lower fuel costs.


Use as preventative maintenance and to sustain peak efficiency of your vehicle.


Regular use of PT5 will:


    * Save Money

    * Save Energy

    * Increase Engine Power

    * Reduced Fuel Consumption

    * Clean Spark Plugs

    * Clean and Free Sticky Valves

    * Clean Engine while Driving


Size Available 500ml


To Order CLICK HERE Website: -


Independent Distributor

Dennis Wood

Ph 0407210013


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